Mocktails are having a moment. These nonalcoholic drinks that resemble cocktails are fun to play with when using an abundance of seasonal ingredients and herbs. In Los Angeles, 83 percent of bar managers surveyed by Distill Ventures in 2019 said that no-proof drinking is part of a growing trend. According to Google Trends, the booze-free movement is not just coming from bars; online searches for the word “mocktail” are up 42 percent over the past year.

Those stats hold up in our experience. After last year, when I found myself saying, “It’s five o’clock somewhere,” multiple times in any given week, I was ready to seek ways to trim alcohol consumption but still get the experience of mixing up something fun and fizzy for happy hour. 

You can create several mixers to build a mocktail repository that you can enjoy as is or spike on the weekends for cocktail hour. These handcrafted, zero-proof recipes will give you multiple options for celebrating the early summer days.

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