By Stephanie and Walt Cameron

Publishers Stephanie and Walt Cameron are sharing some of their favorite finds around New Mexico in edible’s newest department, Eight Around the State. For this issue, they searched for distilleries with great craft cocktails. The craft cocktail movement has slowly made its way into New Mexico and the distilleries are leading the way. Every batch of spirit and every cocktail these distilleries are making is truly artisanal and created by hand with love.

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Glencoe Distillery

What we are drinking: Miles 2 Go with vodka, coffee liqueur, cream, nutmeg, and amped up with smoke and cinnamon hit with a flame.

Worth noting: The team at Glencoe really puts on a show and offers true western hospitality. It is so much fun to watch mixologist Josh Graham light anything on fire that he can get his hands on. If you have an affinity for smoked cocktails, this is the place to be.

Find: 27495 US-70, Glencoe


Still Spirits

What we are drinking: Lapsang Bourbon with bourbon infused with Lapsang Souchong tea, rhubarb, lemon, and angostura.

Worth noting: For their whiskey, instead of using wheat or rye, Still Spirits has opted for the locally available triticale, a hearty Scottish grain. The aesthetic of Still Spirits is low-key and casual—definitely a space you will enjoy as much as the cocktail in your hand.

Find: 120 Marble Avenue NW, Albuquerque


Rolling Still

What we are drinking:  Violet Fog with lavender-infused vodka, butterfly pea blossom, lemon, honey, and egg white.

Worth noting: The menu highlights Rolling Still’s special vodka infusions that celebrate the flavors and culture of New Mexico, such as red chile, green chile, and a fusion of ponderosa and juniper. Cocktails are created with ingredients sourced from local farms and other local spirits in addition to their vodka. Great spaces to hang out inside and out.

Find: 110 Paseo Del Pueblo Norte, Taos

Santa Fe

Tumbleroot Brewery & Distillery

What we are drinking: Kashmir Cocktail with agave spirit, lime, and turmeric.

Worth noting: Tumbleroot uses one-hundred-percent organic ingredients, and when flavoring spirits after distillation, they only use organic, garden-grown, and wild-harvested ingredients. While we were visiting we got to try the limited edition of Mojito Brew, which was created by fermenting Tumbleroot rum, lime, and mint together—it’s somewhere between a beer and spirit at twelve percent alcohol.

Find: Distillery & Tap Room, 32 Bisbee Court, Santa Fe
Taproom and Event Space, 2791 Agua Fria Street, Santa Fe

Silver City

Little Toad Creek Brewery & Distillery

What we are drinking: Paloma made with TeGila (an agave spirit), grapefruit juice, and soda with a salted rim.

Worth noting: Little Toad Creek is the community hub for Silver City. With spirits, beer, food, and entertainment, they’ve got all the bases covered. They put on community events throughout the year, including Oktoaderfest, Halloween costume contests, a New Year’s Eve party, and a Mardi Gras carnival. They also throw the annual Spring Toad Fest.

Find: 200 N Bullard Street, Silver City—and they have a taproom in Las Cruces, as well.


Dry Point Distillers

What we are drinking: Muddle Heart with cacao vodka, house-made Frangelico, and lemon.

Worth noting: In addition to distilling vodka, gin, and whiskey, Dry Point has several immature brandies. Los Pasos Brandy is made from one hundred-percent local wine sourced from Rio Grande Vineyards and Winery, located only four miles from Dry Point Distillers.

Find: 1680 Calle de Alvarez, Las Cruces


Safe House Distilling Co.

What we are drinking: Bitter Bonnie with Teller Vodka, lemon, ginger, oleo saccharin (macerated citrus peels in sugar), and angostura bitters float.

Worth noting: As one of the newest distilleries on the scene, you will only find vodka cocktails here. Drinks highlight lots of creative concoctions, house-made vodka infusions, and house-made ginger beer. With a play on the origins of the original building (former National Cash Register Company), the menu features cleverly named cocktails like Dillinger’s Pride, Gluttonous Patty, and Ghosted Cassidy, as well as decor reminiscent of the banking days of yore.

Find: 616 Gold Ave SW, Albuquerque

Santa Fe

Santa Fe Spirits

What we are drinking: Sangre de Margarita with Silver Coyote White Whiskey, lemon, lime, orange-infused apple brandy, and agave.

Worth noting: Santa Fe Spirit’s Atapiño Liqueur is a must-try. Santa Fe Spirits roasts the piñon nuts and puts them into a barrel to soak in Silver Coyote single malt white whiskey for two months to extract the essence of the piñon. The result is a full-bodied, uniquely satisfying liqueur perfect for an autumn evening.

Find: Downtown Tasting Room, 308 Read Street, Santa Fe
Distillery & Tasting Room, 7505 Mallard Way, Santa Fe

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