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Early Summer 2022: The Good Life

What constitutes the good life is subjective and, as the stories in our new issue suggest, multifaceted. In the pages of the Early Summer issue, writers investigate ways to reform our relationships with other animals, plants, and the planet itself; to celebrate a sense of community that comes from gathering once again, such as for a matanza; to appreciate all the little things, like making coffee each morning, that make up the day.

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Early Winter 2021: Chile

Chile is what gives so much New Mexican food its sense of warmth and comfort, its subtle flavor and its fiery soul, its color and its meaning. The legacy of chile in southern New Mexico, despite large-scale chile fields with harvests destined for export, has and continues to have a rich and vibrant local chile culture rooted in a proud history of chile production, processing, and innovation. From southern New Mexico to the northern reaches of the state, we explore the role of chile in our local restaurants, cuisines, and culture.

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Late Summer 2021: Travel

This issue of edible meets you at the height of summer. Still healing from a difficult year, we celebrate the bounty of the season’s harvests with a sense of gratitude for those who have sustained our food community, working on our local farms, in our grocery stores, and in our restaurants. In this spirit, we move forward with hope for the possibilities, appearing like the welcome sight of a monsoon cloud on the horizon, of a reopening state.

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Late Winter 2021: Growing Justice

As we learn from the stories in this issue, there is important work to be done in the winter—in the garden, in the kitchen, in our food systems—and this year, the occasion to nourish the roots of a healthier, more just and equitable local food system has taken on renewed urgency.

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