During a woman's spring turkey hunt in northern New Mexico, uncomfortable truths are revealed about relationships among people, land, animals and water.

Alert: Smackdown tickets are really going fast—more than half the tickets are already sold! Don't hesitate; we will sell out. Meet our next contender: El Doble De Lujo from The Skillet.⁠
Double Green Chile Cheeseburger with house-made green chile, American cheese, diced green chile, and house-cured pickles served on green chile buns made by Charlie’s Bakery and Cafe.⁠
Get a list of all the contender's burgers and tickets at the link in our bio. Check out @giantskillet⁠

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5 Minute Friday: Pajarito Brewpub, La Fonda, and The Skillet. It's that time again...time to eat more Green Chile Cheeseburgers! This week and for week we are wrapping up the contenders for 5 Minute Friday with Pajarito Brewpub, La Plazuela tat La Fonda, and The Skillet. Go and try their burgers and decide for yourself who has the best. For a full list of contenders visit Tickets are on sale for the live event on September 11 and they are going fast!

This week we are visiting @pajaritobrewpub, @lafondasantafe, and @giantskillet
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