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In the Time of Bees

Mariko O. Thomas tunes into the bee clock with three northern New Mexico beekeepers, inspiring us to join her in wondering what humans might learn from bees, whose collaborative practice is their means of survival.





In our Mountains and Creeks issue, we follow Ellen Zachos up Holy Ghost Creek, where she guides us in foraging for early spring greens. Zachos offers pointers for identifying plants ranging from winter cress and dandelion to cow parsnip and common mallow, along with a recipe for Spring Greens Fritters that you can adapt to whatever greens you have on hand. Read the story at⁠


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Our Spring edition of Cooking Fresh highlights edible ash, which has been a part of food culture for centuries and imparts a rich earthiness to food. Ash salt is used to garnish the rim of this Ashy Grapefruit Mocktail, and ash syrup and grapefruit mimic the citrus and smokiness of a mezcal paloma. Get recipe at link in bio.⁠

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Local Hero voting is now open! Cast your ballot at the link in bio.⁠

An edible Local Hero is an exceptional individual, business, or organization making a positive impact on New Mexico`s food systems. They nurture our communities through food, service, and socially and environmentally sustainable business practices.⁠

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