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In the Time of Bees

Mariko O. Thomas tunes into the bee clock with three northern New Mexico beekeepers, inspiring us to join her in wondering what humans might learn from bees, whose collaborative practice is their means of survival.

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Jesus Guzman

Jesus Guzman farms on about six acres split between four parcels in Nambé, growing blue and red corn, chicos, beans, onions, peas, garlic, and, lately, drought-tolerant asparagus.

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Ashokra Farm

The farmers at Ashokra Farm in Albuquerque’s North Valley have a dream of collective ownership, a model integrating shared responsibility, shared management, and shared profits.

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Love in a Cup

Cassidy Tawse-Garcia visits with blue corn farmers across New Mexico, who share their techniques for farming this ancient food in an arid landscape and what the crop means to them.

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Local Lexicon of Squash

In “Local Lexicon of Squash,” leticia gonzales visits with local growers and seed savers who share their expertise on the diversity of squash and the bounty of seeds being cultivated across the Southwest.

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Holy Frijoles

Ungelbah Dávila-Shivers explores the historical and cultural significance of beans—pintos, limas, Anasazis, and more—to her family and the Indigenous peoples of the West.

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