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Author: Edible Santa Fe

Best Cafe, Albuquerque: The Shop Breakfast + Lunch

photos by Stephanie Cameron an Interview with Israel (IZZ) Rivera, Chef and Owner Edible recognizes this group of amazing individuals and organizations for their work to create healthy, sustainable food systems in New Mexico. We determine these awards through reader nominations and a reader poll. The local food movement is a grassroots effort that often involves late nights, backbreaking work, dirty fingernails, and being a generally good sport. In an effort to showcase these individuals, organizations, and businesses for their work to build a stronger local economy and a robust local food system, each issue this year spotlights several of the winners...

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Thanksgiving Toddy

By now, you’ve likely got your Thanksgiving menu set. You have your Turkey recipe down pat, your various sides and accompaniments, and more dessert than you know what to do with. But you might still need a  cocktail to serve alongside your Thanksgiving spread. This toddy is the perfect drink to warm up guests this Thursday (or at subsequent holiday soirees). The Apple Brandy has just the right amount of sweetness to it and is complemented by the cranberry syrup and is guaranteed to keep you and your guests warm. Make sure to add this cocktail to your Thanksgiving...

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Forged in Fire

Beating Swords into Plowshares with Desert Forge Foundation By Darren A. Raspa · Photos by Sergio Salvador This story begins over seven thousand miles away, across an ocean, a sea, and a continent, at the convergence of three valleys. The soil of the Nijrab, the Tagab, and the Afghanya valleys has been known since before the days of Alexander the Great for its pomegranates and mulberries. The name of the local capital city translates roughly somewhere between acceptance, prayer, and fulfilled wish, but is known to westerners more by the Pashto name emblazoned across thousands of headlines and seared...

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Oktober Forests

For New Mexico, Healthy Forests Mean Good Beer by Michael Dax 2011 Las Conchas fire. Photo by Craig Allen. On the afternoon of June 26, 2011, in a stretch of forest southwest of Los Alamos, an aspen tree fell on a powerline and ignited the Las Conchas fire. Due to high winds, the fire spread quickly, and after only five days, it had become the largest wildfire in New Mexico state history. Over the next month, it would burn more than 150,000 acres. The blaze threatened the town of Cochiti and forced an evacuation of Los Alamos as well...

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The Quintessential Fall and Winter Fruit Fall and winter in North America bring countless ingredients to the table that are best enjoyed seasonally – this includes apples. Somehow apple pie has gotten equated with mom, baseball, and the fourth of July but that is honestly only because fall harvested apples store so well. There are a few of the over 7,500 named and 100 commercially grown varieties that might be ready around July but generally speaking, they are not “in-season” around the fourth for our pie-baking pleasure. So really, the apples we see at the winter markets – grown...

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