The Santa Fe Alliance’s Regional Food and Fuel Project launched in March 2009 and received USDA funding. Some highlights of the project:

  • Developing a pilot regional food distribution project with a steering committee of dedicated farmers and chefs
  • Using a value chain approach of collaboration among food producers and restaurants: a win-win strategy where stakeholders depend on each other’s success
  • Creating two business models with sustainable jobs
  • Cook with the Chef demonstrations at the Farmers Market to promote local, seasonal foods and restaurants that showcase them
  • Earned a Sustainable Santa Fe Commission award

The Alliance is one of the few non-profits in the area to expand in this economy; in 2009-2010 we added three staff members to move forward with the Regional Food and Fuel Projects and other programs that promote localization in northern New Mexico. The nature of business is to grow and change with the fluidities of the marketplace. The Alliance is not here to provide services only to our dues-paying members, but to effect transformation on the economy at large.

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