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Edible Art & Stroll brunch

Several months before, when a group of women sat at a table and dreamed up a day of walking and writing, music, art, and dance, feast, and fellowship, they must have counted on good weather.

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Rustic Cauliflower Soup by Monte Skarsgard

Skarsgard Farms draws its inspiration from Monte Skarsgard’s agricultural heritage and the family farm in North Dakota. He started his business in 2003 on four acres borrowed from the Los Poblanos Inn in Los Ranchos de Albuquerque and seventeen members. Since that time, he has successfully created one of the largest CSAs in the Southwest providing high quality organic food to over seventeen hundred families a week.

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Red-seeded Citron Melons

This past summer, several vines volunteered themselves in my backyard, most likely from the compost. I waited patiently to see what fruit they might bear. As the small round and striped fruits started to mature, I was convinced they must be some kind of watermelon. In late August I sliced a small one open, about the size of a softball, to see what was inside. To my surprise it looked nothing like a watermelon. The flesh was white and there were many small white seeds. I cast it aside and said, “Smells like a melon, but I guess it’s not ready yet.”

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To the Festivals with Purpose

If one form of celebration translates across New Mexico’s many traditions, it is the festival or fiesta. Gathering us together to mark the passing of time by sharing food, story, drink, and skills, festivals thrive here.

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Roundup at Ranney Ranch

Ranney Ranch beef is unique in that it is not finished. They sell most of their cattle as young beef direct to consumers shortly after they have been weaned. The Ranneys process the beef in Fort Sumner, and this short trip, for most of their cows, is the only fossil fuel their production requires.

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Garden tea

My garden reminds me of a summer ice tea. I sit down and sip the cool and quiet. I feel the sensations travel across my tongue, down my throat and through the inner corridors of my body.

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Pickle Purveyors

Angie Rodriguez and Maria Gamboa are cousins from opposite sides of the Rio Grande valley with a common mission: to provide natural food products that inspire healthy eating and living. They co-own Valley Gurlz Goodz in Albuquerque and primarily produce spicy pickled green beans. These beans serve well as a satisfying nosh on their own, as a crunchy ingredient in pasta salad, or as a peppery garnish for a tall Bloody Mary cocktail.

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Modern General Rethinks Flour With New FANO Bread Partnership

Modern General, a Santa Fe-based general store offering lovingly-selected everyday items and foods, is pleased to announce a unique partnership with FANO Bread—a family-owned and operated bakery based in Albuquerque. Using in-house stone-ground flour from Modern General, FANO is now baking semolina seed bread as well as an artisan loaf, which can be purchased at Modern General.

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The garden looks good!

Whew! Last growing season was really tough for my garden so I am really relieved at how beautiful the plants are this year, especially the salad greens. I have grown them under netting to protect them from the birds and under shade cloth to keep them away from the harsh sun (which keeps them tender). We have so much lettuce I am putting (sneaking?) it into the family smoothies. The kids have no idea. All I hear is “yum!”

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What’s All the Buzz About

On June 20, 2014 at 7pm, the Center for Ageless Living will celebrate its the eighth annual Field to Food event, “What’s all the Buzz About”, on its campus at 3216 Hwy. 47 South, Los Lunas. “This year the menu is based on Honey, harvested here on the campus and by bee keepers in the Valencia County area” states Suzette Lindemuth, Director of the Center for Ageless Living.

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Trespassing for the poppy

A few years ago, in May, we were in Boulder, Colorado. Poppies were everywhere and many were the size of fists. As we rode around town my face was plastered to the window. “Look at that one, and that one, and that…”

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