Category: Early Summer 2022

The Art of Preservation amid Great Change

“To really become part of the community, you have to be familiar with the stories that precede you,” Eric Romero tells Emily Withnall in a conversation about the work and legacy of Fabiola Cabeza de Baca, and how that legacy fits into the new Cultural Park at NMHU in Las Vegas.

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Willow + Blaine

In “Willow + Blaine: A Las Cruces Fine Dining Bistro Keeps the Community at Heart,” Shahid Mustafa talks with co-owners Ariana Parsons and Tyrell Thackers about the inspiration for the farm-to-table restaurant they opened in the heart of the Mesquite Historic District of Las Cruces. Willow + Blaine serves toddler-friendly brunch as well as multicourse meals and exceptional wines in the building they renovated in this diverse neighborhood.

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Early Summer 2022: The Good Life

What constitutes the good life is subjective and, as the stories in our new issue suggest, multifaceted. In the pages of the Early Summer issue, writers investigate ways to reform our relationships with other animals, plants, and the planet itself; to celebrate a sense of community that comes from gathering once again, such as for a matanza; to appreciate all the little things, like making coffee each morning, that make up the day.

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