Category: Spring 2023

New Mexico Staples

Located in the heart of downtown Albuquerque, Es Que Market is where power couple Jessica and David Swan combine their lifelong involvement in regenerative agriculture, community advocacy, and the culinary world for an experience that goes well beyond breakfast burritos.

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Peak Flavors

Candolin Cook heads to northern New Mexico for an inside look at four-season farming and some of the chefs who are highlighting local winter produce.

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Shepherd’s Lamb

Shepherd’s Lamb, the 2022 Local Hero for Farm/Ranch, Northern New Mexico, produces high-quality lamb and pelts as well as premium wool products including hand-dyed yarn, handwoven items, and wool blankets.

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Spring 2023: Farmers

In this issue of edible, we celebrate farmers—in particular, those who practice the art of growing vegetables. Farmers today are people who commit to competing in a field increasingly dominated by robots and consolidation; who choose the outdoors, the tactile, the scent of onions freshly pulled from the earth; and who must adapt, even more than others, to a constant state of uncertainty and change.

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Jesus Guzman

Jesus Guzman farms on about six acres split between four parcels in Nambé, growing blue and red corn, chicos, beans, onions, peas, garlic, and, lately, drought-tolerant asparagus.

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Ashokra Farm

The farmers at Ashokra Farm in Albuquerque’s North Valley have a dream of collective ownership, a model integrating shared responsibility, shared management, and shared profits.

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Tiny Grocer ABQ

Tiny grocer ABQ, the 2022 Local Hero for Food Shop, sources local products for their combined grocery, apothecary, and café space in Old Town, resulting in an ever-changing selection based on seasonality and availability.

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