Category: Spring 2022

New Mexico Hard Cider

Santa Fe’s New Mexico Hard Cider is the 2021 edible Local Hero for Wine/Cider. We speak with owner Craig Moya to hear about their backstory and learn a lot about New Mexico apples and crafting locally grown cider from them.

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Still Spirits

Albuquerque’s Still Spirit is the 2021 edible Local Hero for Beverage Program. We talk with owner Zach Hulme about the local distillery movement, essentials of a stellar cocktail program, the process of creating a new drink, and more.

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Get Happy at Happy Accidents

Happy Accidents gets its name from a saying by beloved painter Bob Ross, but nothing in the bar’s menu, decor, or practice is an accident. Happy Accidents operates as a distillery that creates its own spirits specifically for every cocktail on the menu, which boasts over sixty options.

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Dirt: A Love Story

Here, in New Mexico, our soils tend to be desertified, lacking the organic matter and microbes that nurture plant life. In “Dirt: A Love Story,” Susan DeFritas explores how local organizations are working to build soil across the state and promote the agricultural processes that support it.

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