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Late Summer 2021: Travel

This issue of edible meets you at the height of summer. Still healing from a difficult year, we celebrate the bounty of the season’s harvests with a sense of gratitude for those who have sustained our food community, working on our local farms, in our grocery stores, and in our restaurants. In this spirit, we move forward with hope for the possibilities, appearing like the welcome sight of a monsoon cloud on the horizon, of a reopening state.

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Sun City: An @TravelNewMexico Photo Essay

In “A Gastronomic Tour of El Paso,” publisher Stephanie Cameron set off with Amy Tischler
and Caitlin Jenkins, founders of @TravelNewMexico, to discover what has become one of our new favorite destinations. With suggestions from several locals, we got the lowdown on where we should eat, imbibe, shop, and stay.

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Sour, Savory Sumac

New Mexico has several native species of edible sumac. Rhus trilobata (a.k.a three-leaf sumac) is native to most of the state and is a popular landscape plant, valued even more for its exceptional red fall foliage than for its tasty fruit. R. glabra (a.k.a. smooth sumac) is native to about half of New Mexico’s counties, and is also found as a feral and cultivated shrub throughout the state. R. lanceolata (a.k.a. prairie sumac) is native to Doña Ana and Eddy Counties, and the rare R. virens (a.k.a. evergreen sumac), is native to a few southern counties. All of these species produce edible, tart fruit.

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New Home, Sweet Home

In the small village of Magdalena, owners Michal Gola and Osiris Navarro have integrated with the community as they have rejuvenated the diner. Transplants from Seattle with international roots, they have crafted their menu with feedback from the locals, and, in the process, have created a local gathering place that has offered connection in isolation times.

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