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Author: Sophie Putka

Strike Gold at Alchemy Confections Co.

(and Pearls and Agate and Flower Petals) Photos by Alchemy Confections His niece was graduating from high school, so D’Mitri Agnes decided to make cookies to celebrate. They were such a big hit that his friends and family suggested he sell them–so that’s exactly what he did. And Alchemy Confections Co. was born. Now, from a shared kitchen space in the South Valley Economic Development Center, a small business incubator, Agnes is plotting to take the Albuquerque sweets scene by storm–one gorgeous Instagram post at a time. With a thoughtful combination of stunning visuals, strategic marketing, and carefully curated...

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New Digs for TFK Smokehouse

The day Katie Calico’s second child was born, she was running pulled pork sandwiches from her and her husband’s little barbecue truck, TFK Smokehouse, to hungry patrons at La Cumbre. Three days later, she was back on the brewery’s patio again, surrounded by family, keeping watch on the truck. Calico said when the truck first opened in 2012, “We didn’t anticipate nearly as much what happened… When we started, we assumed we’d be doing easy days, and then we started parking at Marble downtown – and it’s insanity,” she said. But it was fun. Unsurprisingly, the pair has shown...

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Farm to Table? Try Pueblo to Table at the Pueblo Harvest Cafe

photos courtesy Pueblo Harvest Cafe Cheeseburgers. Barbecue. Apple pie. Ask anyone what American food is, and you may get one of these. But how about blue corn? Anasazi beans? Chokecherry? Elk? At the Pueblo Harvest Cafe inside the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, Chef David Ruiz is on a mission to showcase the original foods of the Americas with a new “pre-contact” menu portion – and to support Pueblo farmers and growers in the process. Native American food itself is no stranger to foodie culture anymore. According to Chef Ruiz, “Native American food is becoming more popular. People want to...

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Design and Donuts at Spur Line Supply Co.

Your dreams of wandering amidst artful clusters of carefully selected Southwestern home goods and desert flora – artisan donut in hand, indie rock in ear – have finally been answered. With the opening of Spur Line Supply Co. in Albuquerque’s Sawmill district, locals and visitors can enjoy the best of what nearby makers have to offer. Ushered in on a tide of development efforts in the area, the “concept store” opened on September 1, as a joint venture between founder/entrepreneur Tess Coats and local hotel mogul Jim Long. Earlier this year, Long opened the nearby Hotel Chaco, with plans...

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Farmer’s Daughters

On a quiet breezy property on the Rio Grande sewn with rows of chile, tomatoes and sunflowers, two women have made it their mission to keep a centuries-old New Mexican tradition alive. Farmer’s Daughters is the jointly run venture started by cousins Ashley and Chantelle Wagner, that functions as part local farm, part promoter and cheerleader for other local farming interests. What began as an idea to market their fathers’ produce to Albuquerque restaurants has evolved into what the cousins describe as a “farm-to-table company” that connects local farms, including their own, with restaurants, breweries and food trucks. Chantelle...

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