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Author: Edible Santa Fe

In Good Taste

Bodega Prime Starts from Scratch By Candolin Cook · Photos by Stephanie Cameron Left: Condiments from the grab-and-go case. Right: Noela Figueroa, chef and owner of Bodega Prime. “Get the steak sandwich!” shouts Bodega Prime chef/owner Noela Figueroa to a patron seated at the lunch counter. The man looks up and gives a familiar smile and wave to Figueroa, who is holding up her own half-eaten Aleppo spice-rubbed steak sandwich for him to see. The man hands his menu back to his server, reciting the classic film quote: “I’ll have what she’s having.” Good choice. Layered between warm ciabatta...

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G.O.A.T. Cheese

By Marjory Sweet · Photos by Stephanie Cameron In the United States, cow’s milk “does a body good,” while goat milk remains an exotic second choice. Worldwide, however, the opposite is often true. The benefits of goat milk are unique and numerous. Goat dairy can be digested more easily than cows. It takes about two hours to digest a glass of cow’s milk and only twenty minutes for goat’s. Goat milk contains less lactose molecules and less fat, so it is more accessible to lactose-intolerant and other sensitive systems. If you are curious about goat milk, but wary to...

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The Muscles of a Mindful Kill

Adam Danforth Takes a New Approach to Butchery By Marjory Sweet · Photos by Stephanie Cameron “Usually edible birds don’t congregate around me,” says Adam Danforth as a trio of guinea fowl gather at our feet. We are attempting to sit down for breakfast outdoors, but the hens won’t leave us alone. Clearly, they don’t know who they are pestering. Forty-eight hours prior, Danforth led a group of fifteen farmers, chefs, and home producers through an entire slaughter process—twice—from pasture to freezer. Whole animal butchery workshops like these are the foundation of his practice. “Ever since I started doing...

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Prickly Pear Gose

Prickly Pear Gose, All-Grain Recipe by Greg Dupy Makes 5 gallons 9 pounds Rahr 2 Row 1 pound Rahr red wheat 1 pound flaked oats 1/2 pound Weyermann acidulated malt 3 grams Whirlfloc tablets 1/2 ounce Crystal hops 3 grams coriander powder 15 grams sea salt 100 grams lactic acid 15 pounds ripe prickly pear tunas American ale yeast 1 1/4 cup corn sugar (if bottling) O.G.: 1.048 – 1.052 SG (12-13°P) F.G.: 1.004 – 1.008 SG (1-2°P) Bitterness: 10 IBU; Color 4 SRM (8 EBC) Gather 15 pounds prickly pear tunas and rinse thoroughly. Place into large pot...

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Marble Brewery’s Prickly Pear Gose

From Homebrew Recipe to Large-Scale Success By Joshua Johnson Prickly Pear Gose, photo by Stephanie Cameron. It started with a conversation in late September 2017. I sat at the bar in Marble Brewery’s recently constructed Northeast Heights taproom/brewery, “the Mavlab” among Marble in-the-knows, talking with brewer Josh Trujillo. Outside, a smattering of prickly pear cactus fruits, or tunas, stained the sidewalks with fuchsia polka dots. We saw an opportunity. We agreed to a little homework—we’d each put pins in our Albuquerque maps where the best stands of prickly pear cacti bore juicy ripe tunas and, once we’d discovered enough...

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