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Author: Edible Santa Fe

The Ancient Grain: Amaranth

A Powerful Grain is Getting its Due Ancient grains are everywhere. From fast-food salad bowls to cooking shows, everyone is yapping about ancient grains. And they have been for a while. Not actually a bad thing, everything considered, but there is more to know about ancient grains like amaranth than they are ‘trendy.’ Amaranth is one grain – a ‘pseudo-grain’ actually, that is commonly included in the ‘ancient’ category. By ancient we don’t mean that the grains have come from a dusty bin in the back of a barn, waiting to be used for birdseed. We are talking about...

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A Farmer’s Guide to Dining Out

What is Local Produce and how can we get it on the Menu? by Seth Matlick · Photos by Stephanie Cameron   A seasonal late-autumn dish at The Grove Cafe & Market in Albuquerque. “What do you have that’s local right now?” I recently asked my server at an Albuquerque restaurant whose menu prominently proclaims, “We support local farms!” The server seemed confused by the question, then excused herself to go check with the chef. “So, all of our chile is from Hatch,” she reported upon return. Consider me unimpressed. If you’re a restaurant in New Mexico and your chile...

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Santa Fe Food Forum

Developing our Local Farm and Food Economy for the Benefit of all by Pamela Walker The Santa Fe Food Policy Council, a thirteen-member advisory group that includes city and county officials and other citizens working on local food issues, hosted one of its occasional public forums on October 12, 2017, at the Santa Fe Convention Center. The half-day event, which concluded with a reception provided by Il Piatto, drew about seventy-five people. The mission of the Santa Fe Food Policy Council is to help create and maintain a local food system that gives all residents access to reasonably priced...

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Best Farm: Romero Farms

AN INTERVIEW WITH MATT ROMERO, OWNER / FARMER photos by Douglas Merriam Edible recognizes this group of amazing individuals and organizations for their work to create healthy, sustainable food systems in New Mexico. We determine these awards through reader nominations and a reader poll. The local food movement is a grassroots effort that often involves late nights, backbreaking work, dirty fingernails, and being a generally good sport. In an effort to showcase these individuals, organizations, and businesses for their work to build a stronger local economy and a robust local food system, each issue this year spotlights several of the winners...

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Apple Pie Martini

The start of fall in New Mexico also means the start of apple season. Across the state, apples start to hit their peak season and are ripe for the picking. With this abundance of apples now is the time to start finding the perfect recipes to utilize this fruit. This Apple Pie Martini is nothing like its distant cousin The Appletini. Its main component is whiskey and is complemented by brandy and an apple syrup that make this drink perfect for fall. You’ll want to make this cocktail throughout the fall season and onwards. Apple Pie Martini 2 oz....

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