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Author: Edible Santa Fe

Honey: Sweeter by the Teaspoon

Photo by Calum Lewis How do you take your honey? Drizzled over a slice of toasted artisan bread slathered with butter? Squeezed into a cup of your favorite hot tea? Baked into cinnamon sweet bread with cream cheese icing? Or just straight up off the spoon? Regardless of how you like it, know that every drop is a precious gift from a tiny bee with only a five to seven-week lifespan. To produce a single pound of finished honey, some 20,000 bees have actively gathered nectar and converted it into honey one-twelfth of a teaspoon at a time for...

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The Acre: Something Comfortable for Everyone

by Ric Murphy · photos by Stephanie Cameron On a busy fall morning, I managed to track down Shawn Weed, owner and executive chef of The Acre, to discuss the background and philosophy behind the newly opened Albuquerque restaurant that serves up simple, creative vegetarian food for a variety of palates. “I’ve got something for you. It’s roasted butternut squash soup, with toasted pepitas,” Weed declared. With that, a smile danced across my face. I soon became convinced The Acre will make a lot of people happy with its delicious food, warm welcoming atmosphere, and Weed’s pleasant demeanor. Weed is originally...

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Fracking in New Mexico

Creates Uncertain Future for Land and People By Michael J. Dax · Photos by Stephanie Cameron On a brisk autumn day outside Counselor in New Mexico’s northwest corner, bluebirds dip and dive as cows lazily graze on sparse, late-season forage amid a sea of sagebrush. If not for the seesawing of a nearby pumpjack and the hum of a generator powering the rig, the scene might not warrant a second glance. Wide open vistas and occasional outcroppings of badlands once distinguished the stretch of US 550 between Cuba and Farmington; yet over the past decade, dozens of hydraulically fracked...

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Table Hopping: Santa Fe Spirits

Santa Fe Spirits was founded by Colin Keegan in 2010 with the goal of becoming the Southwest’s pre-eminent artisan distillery. With products ranging from silver whisky to barrel-aged apple brandy, Santa Fe Spirits is a relatively small distillery proud to be producing exceptional spirits designed to capture and accentuate the essence of the southwest. Please stop by the distillery for a visit and we will be happy to show you what making world-class spirits are all about. Downtown Tasting Room: 308 Read Street, Santa Fe, 505-780-5906 Distillery & Tasting Room: 7505 Mallard Way Unit I, Santa Fe,...

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Table Hopping: pärCht Bottleshop + Bites

Despite what it says on the sign, Parcht offers much more than “bottleshop + bites.” Yes, first and foremost, Parcht is a wine bar and a wine store. It also offers craft beers on tap, locally roasted coffee, and both savory and sweet small plates. The space is small, comfortable, and relaxed, and the service is friendly and...

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