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Author: Edible Santa Fe

The Southwest Chocolate and Coffee Fest

An Interview with Dean Strober, Founder Above: 2017 US Brewers Cup Champion, Dylan Siemens The Southwest Chocolate and Coffee Fest (SWCC) started in 2010 as a way to support local businesses. It began in a twelve-thousand-square-foot ballroom with thirty-eight vendors and attracted six thousand attendees. Today the event occupies ninety thousand square feet at EXPO New Mexico, and showcases over one hundred craft chocolatiers, coffee roasters, tea houses, wineries, breweries, and purveyors of gourmet foods who travel from all over the country to take part. During the two-day event, more than eighteen thousand people come through the doors to...

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Resourcefulness Provides Purpose for Ironwood Farm

By Michael J. Dax · Photos by Stephanie Cameron Top left, clockwise: Michael Dax tastes Chris Altenbach’s hydroponically grown celery; the well-curated scrapyard waiting to be reimagined as farm tools; a steam-powered corn sheller (circa 1890s); and a compost sifter, constructed by Altenbach along with his father and son. With Canada geese flying overhead, casting shadows across the brown fields of Albuquerque’s South Valley, Chris Altenbach, farmer and “farmacist” of Ironwood Farm, explains the philosophy that brought him back to his family’s ten-acre property after a twenty-year career as an aquaculturist and endangered fish biologist. “It’s almost an ethics...

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A Glass of Spring

Turn Plum Blossoms into a Delicate Liqueur By Ellen Zachos I first drank plum blossoms in Denver. It was a rainy afternoon and I was hunting for morels when the scent of something floral and intoxicating distracted me. (It takes a lot to distract me from morels.) Looking up, I found myself in a grove of wild plums in full bloom. Their perfume was so intense that I knew it had to be captured in a cocktail. Since this was a spontaneous decision, I was less than perfectly prepared. I picked up some vodka and a canning jar at...

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Late Winter Issue: Do It Yourself

READ THE DIGITAL EDITION New Mexicans are hardworking, resourceful, and creative. This issue is for those willing to get their hands dirty and do it themselves. We explore the processes of starting a sourdough, growing sweet potatoes, and making your own goat cheese, all in the hope that demystifying these techniques will provide inspiration in the kitchen and garden. In each of these pages you will find an affirmation that the process of making something yourself can offer its own rewards of knowledge, enjoyment, and satisfaction. The extra time and energy, the love and sweat, can transform an otherwise...

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by Quinn Stephenson, Coyote Cafe & Cantina A perfect cocktail to spice up your Valentine’s Day, the Caballero combines some of Mexico’s most tantalizing ingredients. Caballero 2 ounces añejo tequila 1 ounce Carpano Antica sweet vermouth 1 heavy dash of Bitter Truth mole bitters 1/2 ounce dark crème de cacao 1 small dried chile pod, for garnish Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice and stir well. Strain into a chilled martini glass and finish with...

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