Founded by Vinaigrette restaurant chef and owner, Erin Wade, Modern General is a curated retail store and cafe located on 637 Cerrillos Road in Santa Fe, NM. An experiential approach to the traditional general store, Modern General provides a fun gathering space for everyday shopping needs. Modern General’s café offers simple organic breakfast items, pastries, and cold-pressed juice and smoothie options. Tools, kitchenware and other retail items are also sold—specially picked to bring customers only the most sustainable options. All Modern General products and sourced through eco-friendly channels, and all adhere to Modern General’s core mission: enlightened, pared down simplicity.

Modern General, a Santa Fe-based general store offering lovingly-selected everyday items and foods, is pleased to announce a unique partnership with FANO Bread—a family-owned and operated bakery based in Albuquerque. Using in-house stone-ground flour from Modern General, FANO is now baking semolina seed bread as well as an artisan loaf, which can be purchased at Modern General. The delicious whole-wheat bread has also been added to the general store’s curated breakfast and lunch menus to be enjoyed on-site. The new partnership with FANO continues to reinforce Modern General’s ethos of delightful, easy sustainability, while introducing nutritional, fresh flour to Santa Fe.

To raise awareness of non-hybridized, minimally processed flours, Modern General recently announced a new addition to its team—a sleek, blonde wood Austrian Mill. The mill continues to churn out flour of an ancient variety, giving customers a chance to see how it is made the pre-industrial way. The flour is not only more flavorful, but keeps all of the healthful proteins, oils, and fibers missing from many overly processed grocery brands. Modern General is one of the first restaurants in the state of New Mexico to offer breads using fresh, stone-ground flour.

“Flour is supposed to be a living thing. It comes from a plant that grows in the earth, one that has been cultivated and harvested and then ground by stones for millennia,” says Erin Wade, Owner, Modern General. “I believe the problems that so many of us think we have with flour or gluten actually stem from the industrial milling and farming of wheat. This type of milling is a relatively recent development, especially when you consider our species’ lengthy ties to the plant and the milling of its seed. You really feel amazing eating fresh stone-milled flour—it’s a totally different thing than what so many of us are used to!”

FANO has been producing high-quality breads for restaurants, cafes, and homes throughout the greater Albuquerque and Santa Fe regions for over 20 years and has always emphasized the use of natural, preservative-free ingredients in its breads. “Finding a partner who is spearheading flour awareness like Modern General is exciting. This type of minimally processed, sustainably sourced flour isn’t available everywhere… and Erin is making it accessible while also educating her customers,” says Michael Rizzo, Owner, FANO Bread. “As a company that cares about what our customers eat, this is something we wanted to be on board with. We look forward to working with Erin and Modern General in the future on more projects.”

As production logistics are improved, look for the Modern General-FANO Breads at both Albuquerque and Santa Fe Vinaigrettes.

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