Pecan pie just might be my favorite pie, and it’s truly spectacular with a little red chile in it! In fact, I love to add red chile to all kinds of sweet things. Did you know? The pecan is a species of hickory, native to the southern U.S. and Mexico. New Mexico pecans are in season right now, and many orchards sell them online. At the Los Ranchos winter market last weekend, I found a man selling pecans from his own front-yard tree. Many people grow the tall, beautiful pecan as a shade tree in the Albuquerque area, but since our growing season is a few weeks shorter here than in southern New Mexico, they don’t usually produce a crop. Thanks to an extra-late frost this year, we got lucky!

This recipe is adapted from one on, and unlike most pecan pies, it does not call for corn syrup. It’s not quite as sweet as some, which I prefer, and I used lots of extra pecans.


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