By Stephanie Cameron

During the COVID-19 pandemic, most found themselves cooking at home more than ever before—both out of necessity and an abundance of time. Even if by happenstance, we also found ourselves amid the rebirth of a local food revolution.

Families who quarantined together found that many hands make light work in the kitchen. Whether one takes the veggies and sides and the other takes the protein or the kids chip in on prepping tasks, coming together in the kitchen will create memories not soon forgotten. In the spirit of families cooking together, this issue’s Cooking Fresh is based on a made-from-scratch Mediterranean meal that everyone in the family can contribute to—whether a couple or a family of five or six.

To support local businesses as much as possible, we recommend these retail outlets:

  • For spices and espresso powder, Savory Spice Shop, Talin Market, Bombay Spices, or Penzeys Spices
  • For flour, Valencia Flour Mills flour, which can be purchased at La Montañita Co-op or Polk’s Folly Butcher Shop and Farm Stand
  • For chocolate, Eldora Chocolate, Chokola Bean to Bar, or Cacao Santa Fe
  • Among opportunities to source locally raised meat, dairy, and eggs are La Montañita Co-op, Whole Foods, De Smet Dairy and Creamery, Skarsgard Farms delivery service, Polk’s Folly Butcher Shop and Farm Stand, and New Mexico Harvest CSA


For two people:

One person in charge of pita bread and cake. Start pita bread and work on cake in between steps for the pita. If time permits, help roll meatballs.

One person in charge of hummus, tzatziki, and meatballs. Make in this order and start at the same time your partner is starting the pita.

For more than two people:

One person in charge of pita bread. In between steps, make hummus and tzatziki.

One person in charge of meatballs. Start 45
minutes before dinner is to be served.

One person in charge of dessert. Start 1 hour before dinner is to be served. While the cake is baking, help prep the tomatoes, cucumber, and cheese for serving with dinner.

If there are more than three sets of helping hands in the kitchen, they can assist with prepping
ingredients and rolling meatballs.


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