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Apricot – Lavender refrigerator jam

I plopped each nut into a pan swollen with the cut apricots, added 6 lavender springs and half cup of sugar. After fifteen minutes of bubbling l set the pan to cool. After it was cool I jarred it and put it in the fridge.

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Sweet and Savory Apricots

For me, New Mexico summer means walking through the front gate to the welcoming scent of our apricot tree, which is both a shady respite from the heat and an abundant food source. Apricots have significant health benefits, including: beta-carotene and fiber to reduce inflammation in the intestines; vitamin A to promote healthy eyesight and protect us from over-exposure to the sun. Try these easy recipes for Honey Apricot Jam and Apicot Wheat Berry Pilaf!

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