Edible‘s staff is always trying new local products. Take a look at what we are enjoying this month. Drop us an email at info@ediblenm.com if you know a product we should try.

Garlic Ristra from El Bosque Garlic Farm

We found El Bosque Garlic Farm selling gorgeous garlic ristras at the annual Dixon Studio Tour this fall. Fresh garlic bulbs will last from two to six months when stored properly. Braids or ristras may last longer because they are usually hung on the wall and air can circulate around them. These garlic bundles make a beautiful addition to any kitchen and are an essential ingredient in so much of our cooking.

Kinna’s Vegan Tamarind Chile Sauce

Kinna Perez of Kinna’s Kitchen has brought the flavors of Laos to New Mexico. The trademark characteristics of Laos chile paste are its intense sweet and spicy aromatic and herbal flavors that come from the chiles, garlic, galangal, shallots, and more. Laotian Chicken Enchiladas is one of our favorite ways to enjoy this sauce, and you can find the recipe on ediblenm.com.

AlbuKirky Seasonings Red Chile Piñon Coffee Rub

Wake up your tastebuds with the bold flavors of New Mexico Piñon Coffee and spicy red chile. Warm, smoky notes will give your palate a jolt and elevate your steaks, pork chops, and roasted chickens. Our preferred meat is pork ribs with a dry rub—or check out AlbuKirky’s website for their Coffee Braised Beef Ribs recipe.

Dry Spell Bourbon Whiskey from Dry Point Distillers

We at edible love our whiskeys and we are excited about how many are now being distilled in New Mexico. This premium bourbon whiskey from Dry Point Distillers in Mesilla is a essential addition to your collection of local spirits. Try their bourbon cocktails like The Night Hawk, made with with cold-pressed coffee and coconut cream, and the Lazy Jay, made with chamomile bourbon and honey. This bourbon is also delicious on the rocks.

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