Buying local, grass-fed and grass-finished beef allows for sustainable agriculture that also supports our local economy. We’ve gathered a list of some of the best purveyor’s of grass-fed beef in New Mexico, in order to help support our local community. Check out what these purveyors have to offer!

Gila River Ranch

A purveyor of grass-fed, grass-finished beef and natural grass hay; Gila River Ranch is a small family operation located in the Gila River Valley of southwestern New Mexico. Owners Wendel and Ceci McNicoll both have extensive backgrounds in range ecology and holistic nutrition, which is the basis for their sustainable approach to raising cattle. All of their Angus cattle graze 365 days a year on lush native grasses irrigated by pristine waters originating in the adjacent Gila Wilderness. Natural conditions on their ranch produce a highly nutritious beef product providing a balanced ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fats because the plants and animals interact with nature as intended. Machinery is not utilized to till the soil; instead, Gila River Ranch manages for below surface ecosystems and natural cycling of nutrients. Animals are never confined and natural herd behavior is encouraged. Beef products are very flavorful with good marbling and extremely tender. Custom cut orders are their specialty. Gila River guarantees best animal welfare practices and no grain, antibiotics, or hormones ever.

How to order: By phone, 575-574-8549; or website; Gila River Ranch

Mesteño Draw Ranch

Purveyor of grass-fed and grass-finished beef. Mesteño Draw Ranch produces beef that is lean, tender and good for you. The animals are given no grain, hormones or antibiotics. The cattle graze in their natural environment, and the ranch is managed for rangeland and watershed health.

How to order: by telephoning Joan Bybee at 505-847-0137; emailing or visiting; New Mexico Grass-fed Beef

Ranney Ranch

A purveyor of grass-fed, grass-finished beef, Ranney Ranch is a family-run cow-calf operation in the high mesa country of central New Mexico. They are certified by the American Grassfed Association (AGA) and by Animal Welfare Approved (AWA). Ranney Ranch’s cattle live their entire lives on diverse native grasslands. Regenerative grazing practices improve the rangeland soils, sequestering carbon, while also retaining water on the landscape which cools the atmosphere and recharges the groundwater. Raised only on mother’s milk and fresh, native grasses, their animals are harvested at weaning, at 7-9 months, making their beef supremely tender and flavorful.

How to order: By website; Ranney Ranch; or by emailing

Learn more about grass-fed beef and it benefits to the land and health:

The Southwest Grassfed Livestock Alliance, SWGLA (pronounced ‘swig-la’) is a non-profit alliance of ranchers/farmers, consumers, land managers, conservationists, researchers and local food system providers that work together to support local/grass-fed livestock products. Through public outreach, producer support, applied research, education and cooperation the alliance seeks to improve ecological, social, animal and human health. Grass-fed Livestock

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