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Milagro Vineyard and Winery

As I enter the Milagro Winery Tasting room in Corrales, I am immediately awe-struck by the breathtaking view of the sunset reflecting on the Sandias through the window. Sitting at the bar lined with wines, I started talking with Rick and Mitzi Hobson about their delightful winery.

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Anasazi Fields Winery

Last weekend, we were looking for a quiet couple’s adventure off the beaten path. When I found Anasazi Fields Winery online, I knew it would be the perfect afternoon trip out of the city. Just 30 minutes north of Albuquerque on I25 and a few miles east of on NM165, we were in the village of Placitas.

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Can Biodynamics Save Terroir? Pt. 3

Most consumers are unaware of the fact that winemakers can choose from around 350 aromatic and genetic yeasts, the variety allowing wineries the ability to make a wine to please a particular sector of the global wine market while the true, un-manipulated taste of wine from healthy, Biodynamically farmed vineyards has been kept on the fringes of the wine world for the past several decades. What’s come to be accepted as “good” and “valuable” oftentimes is the creation of science and technology, a process that in the history of wine making – is somewhat of an anomaly.

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Can Biodynamics Save Terroir? Part 1

The new guard is in tune with the public’s need for transparency and truth in advertising. They’re generally concerned about the welfare of the planet and believe changes need to happen regarding sustainability. They’ve made the distinction between farming and Winemaking. Coming to understand that the greatest wine always starts in the vineyard, and the best vineyards not only are in the right places for the right vines, but are farmed sustainably. Winemaking, as such, is more of a way of shepherding along the process from juice to wine to make sure nothing goes awry.

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