This dessert is a real gem – spectacular, but incredibly simple to make! The recipe combines two of my favorite flavors that are hard to find in stores, but easy to grow or forage in urban areas at this time of year! If you don’t have access to mulberries or lemon verbena, feel free to experiment with any other kind of berries or herbs.

Mulberries are a fantastic fruit – they grow wild all over city streets, but are somehow overlooked by most people. They taste like blackberries but chewier, and less tangy. In fact, I like to add a little lime juice to balance out their sweetness. They ripen around the same time the lemon verbena is leafing out, and the two taste amazing together!

Lemon verbena is the best of all the lemon-scented herbs.  It smells more lemony than lemons – clean, fresh and floral, with none of that citronella tang that some other lemon herbs have. It’s not easy to find in grocery stores, but it’s so easy to grow! And it’s not invasive like lemon balm. If you have any room left at all in your garden, you really should plant it.  It grows into a medium-size shrub and its heavenly scent brushes off whenever you walk by.


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