The plants stare up at the arc of grey rib.

Taught cloth skin between them and the sky.

They are in the belly of the whale.

Tender green stalks cozy into the the leaves- wet brown masses of blubber that cling to each molecule of heat.

Outside the prevailing winds pound and howl and throw spits of sand.

The Beluga floats, holding in her belly emerald lanterns of life.


How to build a whale (hoop house):

Pound re-bar into ground, leaving 2-3 inches sticking out:

   IMG_1896 IMG_1897

Cut electrical conduit to size:


Place conduit into re-bar:


Cover with some sort of frost cloth (nurseries and hardware stores sell them) and secure with logs, sand, rocks, pavers, ropes, mulch or a combination:


Fava beans in the belly of the whale:


Birdseye of the whale:


Whale companions:


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