This week on Edible Radio I talked to Gary Nabhan, who tells us that RAFT has declared 2010 the Year of the Apple. Apples, like everything else on the planet – are on the decline. Of some 15,000 to 16,000 apple varieties that have been named, grown and eaten on the North American continent, only about 3,000 remain accessible to American orchard keepers, gardeners, chefs and home cooks. An estimated four out of five apples varieties unique to North America (80 percent) have been lost from commerce.
As part of RAFT’s 2010 “Forgotten Fruits” initiative, this brochure details the history, decline, nursery practices and local restoration efforts designed to bring back the most endangered heirloom apples to orchards, backyards, farmer’s markets, restaurants, and home kitchens across the country. Compiled and edited by Gary Paul Nabhan; introduction by Ben Watson

Download Forgotten Fruits Manual & Manifesto – Apples (PDF – 32 pages, 2.5MB – Published March 2010)

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