Who knew New Mexico was one of the largest dairy producers in the country? I didn’t until the Digging In team headed to Clovis. Like many food-lovers, I want to explore the sources of what I eat and drink. At family-owned Mid Frisian Dairy, everything from birthing calves to delivering product to the stores is a personal experience. During our dairy tour, we met several generations of happy cows and saw one being born!

Around 2005, multi-generation Dutch dairy farmers Andle and Sjierkje van der Ploeg settled in southern New Mexico with their children, who now continue to expand the family legacy. Our video focuses specifically on their newest milky endeavor, European-style yoghurt. The name Freanna is a combination of Friesland, the province of the Netherlands from which they emigrated, and a beloved cow named Anna.

Sjierkje grew up eating yoghurt made by her mother, and then made it for her family. Marketing the yoghurt is the pet project of her daughter, Karla, who is definitely onto something with her quest to share the silky, healthy, decadent yoghurt packed with probiotics and crafted in small batches.

Watch the newest episode of Digging In to meet the family and their cows, and to learn about what may be the best yoghurt I have ever tasted!


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