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Author: Shelby Hinte

17 Carrot Gold

The new year is typically a time of change, resolutions, and self-improvement. Donuts everywhere are being passed up for fat-free-sugar-free-gluten-free muffins and gyms are experiencing colossal spikes in new members. While I am all for this self-love and resolution making, I am also a fan of resolutions one can keep — there is no point in setting a goal that can’t be sustained only to be served up epic portions of self-loathing in February. One achievable resolution is to incorporate more veggies in your life, and with the 17 Carrot Gold, you can check this off your list every...

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Solstice Elixir

We have made it through the winter solstice and anticipated end-of-year-holidays are officially upon us. The solstice has long been celebrated throughout the world and often the term refers to the extreme winter. One of the most notable features of the solstice is that it marks the shortest day of the year — I hope you all took advantage of the extra evening hours and poured yourself a cocktail or three. To continue the celebration of winter and completion of this past year, I thought I would share a cocktail recipe that features the brighter side of this severe...

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Hot Buttered Rum

If January is for resolutions, generally of the low-fat-no-fun variety, then December should be its antithesis. It’s the last month of the year and we’ve already made it through swim-suit season, two fall holidays and an election. It is time for a drink (or three)! The first week of our decent towards the end of the year calls for a hot drink that is spirited and buttery, and generally best served alongside pumpkin pie after a decadent holiday party dinner. This version of a Hot Buttered Rum is the epitome of sugar and spice and everything nice (and by...

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Ghost Town Reviver

Story and Photos by Shelby Hinte This past week may have felt like an especially long one, and indeed, it was. With Daylight savings’ time coming to an end we gained an additional hour in the day, and yet, many of us can’t help but finding ourselves feeling more tired than ever. The first weeks of November mark the end of Halloween and the beginning of what feels like back-to-back holidays before we reach the end of the year. The thought of all the holiday prep, family visits, or a busy season at work in many industries may feel...

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Lavender Bee’s Knees Cocktail

story and cocktail recipe by Shelby Hinte We’ve all experienced the feeling at least once — the workload gets heavier. The weather gets cooler. The days get shorter. Suddenly, we feel the weight of the end of summer blues start to kick in. Just a couple days into fall and already some of you are reminiscing about hot dogs and sunshine and that perfectly crafted margarita you sipped while sitting by the pool. It seems things will only get worse. The sweater box will be dusted off. There are advertisements for pumpkin spice everything. Someone in the office hums...

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