Claire Kahn’s Edible New Mexico–Inspired series

Claire Kahn, Artful Table (Flint), 2019, bead crochet. Photo by Stephanie Cameron.

After having a conversation with Ali DeMoro of Patina Gallery in Santa Fe about the aesthetic beauty of food, and becoming inspired by the food photography featured in edible New Mexico, artist Claire Kahn decided to create a series of crocheted necklaces based on food for a series she calls Artful Table. Since 2004, Kahn has crocheted beadwork with precious and semi-precious stones, gold, coral, sea pebbles, and tiny Japanese cylindrical glass beads. Working inch by inch she creates a seamless wonder of color that she transforms into unique, unforgettable, wearable pieces of art.

Artist Statement

Claire Kahn’s Artful Table is a series of necklaces based on beautiful food. Living in New Mexico inspired two of the pieces, Ristra, with reds, blacks, and 18 karat gold accents, and Chile, a contrasting geometric pattern in green-yellow, orange, and red. Other pieces include Candy, using gemstones that remind Kahn of candy, including the multi-colored pinks and greens found in tourmaline, green peridot, and orange Mexican opal. Wild Asparagus is based on a secret place she knows where wild asparagus grows in early spring, and this necklace transitions from pale purple to green. Flint is inspired by the richness found in the mélange of colored, calico corn with white, light yellow, and red husks. Granita is inspired by Kahn’s mother’s favorite Italian dessert, Caffè Granita con Panna Montata, which swirls together frozen crystals of very strong espresso and whipped cream.

131 W Palace, Santa Fe,

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