If you grew your own tomatoes this year, your kitchen counter is probably covered with green ones right now. I’m always a little sad to see my tomato vines killed by frost just when they are at their peak of glory, and it seems like a shame to let so much potential go to waste. Some can ripen indoors over time – you can tell by the warm yellowish cast to their skin. If you carefully lay them in a single layer in a cardboard box and cover them with newspaper, you may be able to eat red tomatoes all the way up until Christmas. Others are too immature and will never ripen. These are a pale whitish-green color and are perfect for making green tomato pie! If you use the slightly more mature tomatoes there’s a more distinct tomato flavor, so it just depends on what you like. Intensely flavored, somewhat like mincemeat, this was my husband’s grandfather’s favorite pie.


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