Roasted tomatoes are a bright spot in winter – if you grow tomatoes, this is one of the nicest ways to put them up. Their intense umami flavor adds richness to any dish, but this is a great way to enjoy them, and it’s become one of my favorite breakfasts. I sometimes use tomato jam instead, which I first tasted at the Corrales Growers’ Market a few years ago. Recipes for roasted tomatoes and tomato jam are on my blog ( I’ve recently rekindled my love for tarragon, which is easy to grow, perennial, and even somewhat frost hardy so that I sometimes have fresh tarragon even in January. I dried the leaves on my kitchen counter, and I’ve been using this compound butter on everything. Local eggs may be hard to find this time of year, but with a little extra light early in the morning, hens can lay throughout the winter, although not as much as in the summer.



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