Edible Santa Fe recently attended the Food and Farm Day 2013 at Sate Capital to show our support for our local food producers and vendors.

Watch the video below to see the highlights from Food and Farm Day 2013.


Update on Food Bills at the Legislature

HB 100: Develop and Promote New Mexico Farmers’ Markets: HB 100 is moving right along, and received a do pass with nine votes in favor and zero opposed in the House Agriculture and Water Resources Committee last Friday. The bill now moves on to the House Appropriations and Finance Committee, with the hearing date to be determined.

SB 80: NM-Grown Produce in School Meals: This bill is currently being heard in the Senate Education Committee. If passed, it would provide $1.44 million for the purchase of New Mexico-grown fruits and vegetables for school meals for children. For more info, contact Farm to Table at (505) 473-1004 or info@farmtotablenm.org.

HB 56: Statewide Cohesive Food Infrastructure: After sailing through the Ag and Water committee, this bill is now headed to the House Appropriations and Finance Committee. It would support four communities around New Mexico in making use of underutilized kitchen assets through creating a community kitchen that can accelerate the growth of rural food entrepreneurs, using the Mixing Bowl’s proven model of kitchen incubation. For more info, contact Delicious New Mexico at (505) 217-2473 or admin@deliciousnm.org

SB 18: Label Genetically Modified Food: This bill is scheduled to be heard in the Senate Public Affairs Committee on January 29th. If passed into law, any foods for human or animal consumption containing more than 1% of materials that have been genetically modified would need to be labeled as such. In this case, genetically modified is defined as altered “through the use of recombinant, deoxyribonucleic aid technology, genetic engineering or bioengineering.”

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