By Katherine Mullé

Piatanzi, formerly Piattini, which means “little plates” in Italian, is the creation of husband and wife team Pete and Maggie Lukes. Their love of travel and their love of food inspired the creation of their restaurant. “We have found that our most enjoyable and memorable dining experiences have been where we were able to order many small plates with just a few perfect bites of food that we could share.” Thus, Piatanzi, a restaurant known for crafting small plate creations from fresh and wholesome ingredients, was born.

In Piatanzi, the Lukes envisioned a neighborhood spot where food and drinks would flow abundantly, bringing family, friends, and the community together. They know firsthand how food has a way of connecting people. “Because we also have kids, this style of dining meant that we were able to introduce new things to them in a way that brought us all together as a family; sharing food and experiences made our connections to one another stronger and more meaningful.” Just as this style of dining has helped to bring together the Lukes’ own family, it is their hope that Piatanzi will be a place for their community to do the same.

Of course, bringing community together doesn’t just mean bringing people together. “It was our goal to bring community together, which also includes buying locally sourced products.” Piatanzi crafts their small plate creations using delicious ingredients from local and organic farmers. And while the Lukes support local growers, they also have plans to provide Piatanzi with produce grown in their very own gardens by farming their own land. “Keeping it local is more than just an idea for us—we really want to support our community and smaller businesses, which is who and what we are!”

1403 Girard Boulevard NE, Albuquerque, 505-792-1700
New Location: 3305 Juan Tabo NE, Albuquerque, 505-296-2340

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