Chard is one of those veggies that’s incredibly good for you, and it’s at its best when dressed with balsamic vinegar and lots of black pepper. If you’ve never liked chard before, it’s worth trying this way. A funny thing about chard is that it is naturally a bit salty, so I don’t like to add too much salt when cooking it. It’s actually the same exact plant species as beets, just bred for tender leaves rather than big roots. Amazingly hardy, chard is one of the best vegetables to grow in New Mexico because it can tolerate the intense heat of our summers as well as the cold nights of early spring and late fall. For these reasons, it is abundant at our farmers’ markets three seasons of the year.

For this pizza, I combined Mollie Katzen’s Moosewood Cookbook recipe for Swiss chard with the creamy, tangy sweetness of dried figs mixed with goat cheese. It’s a perfect spring treat that’s absolutely packed with vitamins and minerals. Try a whole wheat crust if you want to go extra-healthy.


Photo by Sergio Salvador

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