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Quinoa For Every Meal

Quinoa, a small seed from the Andes, is not a true grain, but a member of the chenopodium family, which includes chard, beets, and spinach. This nutrient-dense complex carbohydrate offers vitamins, minerals and protein for balanced nourishment. Try these recipes for quinoa almond pancakes and quinoa carrot patties.

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Corn: Food of Life

Corn is a power-packed, nutritious food that’s wonderful to eat year round. Appreciate its history, nutritional benefits, and flavor. From Cacao Corn Cake to Corn Chowder, you will love these recipes!

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Sweet and Savory Apricots

For me, New Mexico summer means walking through the front gate to the welcoming scent of our apricot tree, which is both a shady respite from the heat and an abundant food source. Apricots have significant health benefits, including: beta-carotene and fiber to reduce inflammation in the intestines; vitamin A to promote healthy eyesight and protect us from over-exposure to the sun. Try these easy recipes for Honey Apricot Jam and Apicot Wheat Berry Pilaf!

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Beyond processed food

The processed food system offers so many prepared food choices. Life is busy. It can be hard to find time to cook. When people gather to cook and eat together, everyone feels better, saves money, and has more fun! Try to make your own prepared foods this week. The carrot corn goat cheese roll-ups are wonderful with the pinto bean stew. The apple jujube crumble adds icing to the locally focused meal!

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Taming Spring Fever – Foods for Health

Food is medicine. Understand which foods enhance spring health, learn the healing properties of ingredients, and explore intuitive cooking with these simple and delicious recipes: Dandelion Leek Frittata, Parsnip Soup, Artichoke Almond Spread

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