Quinoa, a small seed from the Andes, is not a true grain, but a member of the chenopodium family, which includes chard, beets, and spinach. This nutrient-dense complex carbohydrate offers a balance of B vitamins and magnesium to support digestion and is useful in countering the mucus-forming effects of bread/cereal. It is made mostly of protein, which makes it a wonderful food for vegetarians and those recovering from minor illness.

Learn more about sources of quinoa. Are they sustainable or is quinoa being over-harvested? The New York Times offers an interesting perspective in this article.


Health Benefits of Ingredients:

Almonds: high in monounsaturated fat, which promotes heart health, helps reduce LDL cholesterol, and aids in carbohydrate metabolism, thus contributing to weight loss; contain flavoproteins to balance blood sugar and improve energy levels.

Carrots: high in omega 3 essential fatty acids to tonify the internal organs and strengthen immunity; rich in carotenoids and omega-3s, whose anti-oxidant content offers anti-inflammatory support; high in vitamin C to boost immunity; rich in B vitamins to reduce stress. 

Quinoa: nutrient-dense complex carbohydrate; offers a balance of B vitamins and magnesium to support digestion; useful in countering the mucus-forming effects of bread/cereal.

Sunflower oil: this polyunsaturated oil is rich in vitamin E, which stimulates the liver rejuvenation and aids in nutrient absorption; its high magnesium content soothes nerves and muscles, acts as a diuretic to counter-act water retention, and lubricates the digestive system to aid elimination.


Once you have cooked a batch of quinoa, you will start to realize how versatile it is. Use it to make patties, casseroles, raisin bread, and more.  Click this link for more quinoa recipes.

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