Carrots are another one of those long-keeping vegetables that lasted our ancestors through the winter. A cool season crop, carrots can be planted in a cold frame in September and are ready to eat in early spring. The cold weather actually makes carrots sweeter! And now is the time to start planting carrots again in your garden. 

Saffron crocus is rumored to grow well in New Mexico, because of our dry climate and late summer rains. The bulbs I planted last fall in a container on my porch have had leaves all winter (they even survived the -10°F cold snap) and hopefully I’ll be harvesting the flower stigmas this fall. Here’s the best link I’ve found explaining how to grow it: If you’re not ready to try growing your own… although it’s expensive, a little goes a long way, and word on the internet is that has the best prices on high quality saffron.

This charming side dish is a great way of dressing up carrots, and it goes just as well with lamb chops as with fish or chicken.



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