Rhubarb is really my favorite spring treat – I look forward to it even more than strawberries or asparagus. Some varieties are a gorgeous deep red, but Victoria, the variety many home gardeners grow, is mostly green. I love its tanginess tempered with plenty of sugar in pie, sorbet, trifle, or just plain sauce. I’ve been making rhubarb soda with the sauce and a little seltzer water. I’m really excited to try making a rhubarb barbecue sauce this year. But this tart might be the most beautiful way I know to serve rhubarb. Baking the rhubarb allows it to keep its shape and color. I first had a tart like this at the fabulous P’tit Louis Bistro downtown, made with tiny green rhubarb stalks, and I’ve been meaning to re-create it ever since. I think the secret is to macerate the rhubarb in sugar and let it sit overnight to absorb some of the sugar, and by this logic it may actually be better to use small stalks.


Photo by Sergio Salvador

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