Spring has sprung in Taos, and even the post-snow mud has dried, paving the way for a memorable spring and summer.

However… while it may be sunshine and fun in town, up in the ski valley a deep, formidable base depth of 64″ can have one still thinking winter wonderland; mostly due to a late February storm – the largest in a decade –  which blanketed the area with more than 70 inches of fresh powder.

The storm sent local and visiting skiers alike into euphoria as they repeatedly charged down deep, steep runs, including the brand-new Kachina Peak – a long-held dream for the Ski Valley that’s finally come to fruition.  In fact, it’s been such a stellar snow year, TSV is extending the season until April 10-12, with lifts 1, 2, and 4 open, as well as the aforementioned, long-awaited Kachina Peak.

If you want to catch a glimpse of the beauty of the mountain and the insane amount of fresh powder about, check this video from the folks at the Ski Valley:


The Hum: Murmurs & Gossip from the Taos Restaurant Scene

A recent jaunt out to the now-defunct Old Blinking Light Wine Shop on the way up to the Taos Ski Valley to procure a bottle of German white provided the occasion to meet the owner of the vast property’s recent incarnation as Medley.  He and I had a brief chat about the timing for opening and he’s hoping for a mid-May date.

Landscaping was underway on the patio area to the right of the entrance; a grass-covered area strewn with trees and a stunning view of Pueblo Peak  from the west that will provide the diner with the perfect setting for a memorable meal.

The website describes Medley as a dinner and drink place with a wine shop and the menu I glimpsed was an offering of fresh and local fare in a Bistro/Brasserie style that seemed to befit the location – here’s hoping they open soon!

Also rumored to be opening soon directly below from The Gorge (and from the same ownership) in Taos Plaza is pärcht BOTTLESHOP+BITES.

The card I saw when grabbing a beer and catching some March Madness recently had the following printed on the back:


the physical condition resulting from the need to drink wine, eat good food, and shop…in Taos.

There’s also been some back of the house moves over at Lambert’s, where ex-Executive Chef, Ky Quintinilla has left to start his Kyote Club, bringing several key FOH and BOH employees with him. We here there’s a DJ some nights and the menu is focused on small-plates. You can find the Menu HERE


Dinner & A Movie

While one gains a lot by moving to Taos, they also give up a lot. Case in point the cinephile that’s become accustomed to such cosmopolitan concepts as foreign and documentary film – two genres sorely missing from the local cineplex offerings, making it tough for discriminating couples to adequately do “dinner and a movie.”

This is where the Taos Center for the Arts comes in with their expansive offerings of foreign, documentary and independent films all presented in an old-school environment absent of any of the glitz of the shopping mall mega-screen.

Particularly interesting is The Mafia Kills Only In Summer, a dark comedy inspired by real events in Sicily from the 1970’s to 90’s and focused on Arturo, a young boy who grows up in Palermo, where he experiences a huge hit that happens in his parent’s building, and in the aftermath is left to grapple with the fact that no one is willing to turn in the killers, as well as his own awkward adolescent feelings for his beloved Flora. April 5th @ 2:00 April 6th & 7th @ 7:30.

f40ffdd6a9081a489187fd351881093f_w120In the documentary genre, and hitting closer to home is Dying To Know: Ram Dass & Timothy Leary, Director Gay Dillingham’s look at the eponymous former Harvard professors and LSD guru’s long, strange trip over the years.

The film is particularly important to Taos as Ram Dass has long had a presence in the community with his Hanuman Temple being a spiritual landmark since the 70’s.  There will be a Q & A with the Director on Sunday, April 26th after the film. You can peep the movie calendar online HERE.


Sounds And Airs That Give Delight And Hurt Not

LA's Orgone

LA’s Orgone

There’s no shortage of cutting edge music in Taos, and whether it’s coming from a national, regional, or local act, you can be sure that on any given night someone will be giving their all on a stage somewhere in Taos. Oftentimes it’s Taos Mesa Brewery that brings the iconic bands to town, as is the case with their presenting LA’s funky afro-disco Octet Orgone as part of their End of Ski Season Party on Sunday, April 5th. You can check the rest of the offerings at TMB HERE.

Hometown boys PO.10.CEE grace the stage in Taos from time to time, bringing their Native American tinged Hip-Hop from Taos Pueblo (yes, Hip-Hop) to bear in lively, extremely original and inventive sets. This video was shot this past year at the RC Gorman Gallery in Taos and is a prime example of the inimitable Taos style.



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