Eating Well (and Local) to Age Well

The Center for Ageless Living in Los Lunas has a motto that you have to “eat well to age well.” This view is reflected in the Center’s local food related programs, including a community garden and a local food access program for homebound seniors.

To learn more about their programs, we interviewed the Center’s Director Suzzette Lindemuth.

Tell us a little about the Center for Ageless Living?
The Center for Ageless Living is a six acre campus whose main mission is to reduce the isolation of aging by providing programs, services and therapies that help support aging gracefully.




How does eating fresh and local fit into the mission of the Center, and how has it benefited the elderly in the program, as well as the greater community?
We believe that you have to “eat well to age well.” The quality of the food that we eat is essential to maintaining good health and aging gracefully. Food is also such a big part of our social heritage and our connection to our community. There is much research on nutrition and aging and we are fortunate that we live in a county that is rooted in agriculture and quality local foods. Although research is not a mission of the Center I do believe that our elders have less minor illnesses (colds, flu, etc.), recover quicker from illnesses, generally live longer as a result of good nutrition and exercise, maintain a better quality of life with the social input from the community and generally are in a better mood. “Good food puts you in a good mood” is the motto for the Green House Bistro and Bakery.

What local farmers do you work with or what food is grown on site?
We grow a wide variety of produce including; lettuces, carrots, beets, squash, tomatoes, peas, radishes, several kinds of herbs and we have several fruit trees including; pears, apples, quince, jujube, plums, cherries, almonds, apricots. We purchase other items at the local farmers markets, La Montanito Food Coop, and area farmers; Hayes Honey and Apple Farm, Amyo Farms in Bosque Farms, and we have many families that donate food from their local gardens.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?
The Field to Food Community Event is coming up on June 19th at 7pm and tickets are available at the Center or online at SC. Inc, a New Mexico nonprofit committed to sustainable communities for senior care, is located on the campus of the Center for Ageless Living and administers the Field to Food Program. All proceeds of the Field to Food Event go to the nonprofit to support the program.

The Garden Gate Day Spa and Salon is also on the Campus of the Center for Ageless Living. Recognized as the 2010 Top Green Spa by Day Spa Magazine, the Spa is committed to recycling all of its water and using only organic products for its treatments. We also use many of our fresh herbs and flowers that are grown in the community park program in our treatments. Our signature treatments specialize in reducing some of the symptoms related to aging; pain, arthritis, upper respiratory and sinus congestion, grief and loss. We offer a full menu of treatments.

Thanks Suzzette for taking the time to share with us.  For more information about the Center for Ageless Living and their various programs, visit their website.

For more information on the MRCOG Agriculture Collaborative, visit their website.

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