Notes from the Sunstone Herb Farm

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I don’t know why it took me so long to read Michael Ableman’s wonderful books: Fields of Plenty and On Good Land. I remember reading about the latter when it was published in 1998, but it fell off my radar until recently when I got both books from our awesome local Bernalillo County Library System. (And apologies to anyone who’s been waiting for Fields of Plenty -I’m returning it tonight. Promise).


Both books are such a joy to read with Ableman’s clean prose and gorgeous photographs. I love reading about other people’s farms, and it was a treat to find some of my friends featured in Fields of Plenty which is a travelogue of Ableman’s summer journey across the United States visiting various types of farms. I found the urban farms especially inspiring, and loved the bit about how he showed up at the Dixon farmers market and the people he was supposed to meet were casually clueless about his arrival -how New Mexico!

Ableman’s first book, On Good Land, chronicles his years on the last remaining farm in a suburb of Los Angeles (and how they saved that land from development). The story is one all urban or suburban farmers can relate to. Both are highly recommended. Now I’m off to get his latest book, From the Good Earth: A Celebration of Growing Food Around the World .

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