Farm to Table’s award-winning Farm to Restaurant program promotes a viable food system in northern New Mexico by connecting our heritage farmers to the unique and enchanting restaurants of Santa Fe.

The program assists small to mid-sized regional farmers in expanding markets for their veggies, fruit and dairy; securing sustainability for the irreplaceable and age-old tradition of farming in New Mexico.

Subsequently, Farm to Restaurant helps our Santa Fe chefs source the highest quality, most nutritious and flavorful ingredients for customers like you!


When you eat local food…

you are getting the freshest, most vibrant and delicious food available


you are preserving the futures of New Mexico farmers and ensuring the health, prosperity and sustainability of our culture for generations to come.

We thank you for supporting the local food movement by dining at the conscious restaurants listed below:


Atrisco Café & Bar

Backroad Pizza


Cowgirl BBQ

Harry’s Roadhouse

Il Piatto

Jambo Cafe

Joe’s Dining

La Boca

La Casa Sena

La Choza

Plaza Cafe Southside

Red Mesa Cuisine

The Santa Fe Opera Cantina

The Shed

Tree House

Walter Burke Catering

For more info on the program please contact:

Nina Yozell-Epstein
Farm to Restaurant Coordinator
Farm to Table

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