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28 Main Street
Cerillos, NM 87010
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Black Bird Saloon


Come take a journey with us, somewhere between dreaming and reality. As time travelers of the universe where the past, present and future unite; where Pueblo Indians discovered Turquoise and Spanish explorers evolved into colonists; where mining camps flourished over the abundant earth. A land of secrets from ancient times, meets modern day cowboys, artists and lovers of this special place. Pull up a chair and settle in. Indulge yourself in the grub, Wild West style, perhaps a juicy and flavorful El Chivato Burger or a Black Jack Ketchum. Quench your thirst with a tasty pint of local brew and feel the easy-going days of old and new. Offerings here are genuine, simple and good. Off the grill and out of the tap, it’s what we love!

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