By fall my gardening brings me indoors. After the kids are in bed I turn to a task.

Boiling elderberries into cough fighting syrup. Shelling Anasazi beans. Crushing dried nettles into glass jars. Cracking walnuts and digging out the sweat meat. Slicing hundreds of tiny chile peppers. Cutting tomatillos into small half moons and placing them on a drying rack.

My plants sleep but I am awake.


 Walnuts, from my tree, to be cracked:



Anasazi beans to be shelled:



 Pomegranates (from a friend’s tree) to be made into syrup, if not eaten first:



 Elderberries (from Red Tractor Farm) to be made into syrup:



Elderberry syrup:



Nettles ready for drying:



Drying nettles, corn silk, red raspberry leaf, oregano:



A very prolific hot chile harvest to be preserved:



Pickled chiles:



Boxes of grapes (from mine and a friend’s vine) to be made into grape juice:


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