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Author: Sophie Putka

The Farmacy Will Cure What Ails You

When Jacob Elliot of the newly-opened Farmacy looks at the Albuquerque food scene, all he sees is potential. The chance to serve delicious, locally sourced dishes all for under ten dollars. Room to offer top-notch espresso and expertly baked pastries to an eager clientele. But also potential for the lofty goal of a bigger local food community in Albuquerque—one that holds itself to the standards of celebrated food cities around the country. After moving to Albuquerque in 2014, Elliot worked for a year at the Farmacy location’s former iteration, called the Boiler Monkey Bistro. When the creperie-cafe moved downtown,...

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Stacked Blue Corn Chicken Enchiladas

story and photos by Sophie Putka As a chilly fall finally rears its head, what better way to warm up than with the ultimate New Mexican comfort food – spicy enchiladas? Whip up some nourishing enchilada sauce with Los Chileros chile powder and layer with Sabroso Food’s fresh blue corn tortillas, chicken, beans, and squash. Local businesses Los Chileros and Sabroso are both based out of Albuquerque. Los Chileros has been a New Mexico mainstay since 1981, when they opened in Santa Fe and began capitalizing on the state’s most cherished crop. Now Los Chileros distributes chile powders, rubs,...

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