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Author: Sophie Putka

Rustic Galette With Winter Vegetables

Galettes, or free-form pies, are beautiful because they are imperfect. As someone who has struggled with attaining the perfect pie crust shape time and time again, the galette is a slightly more forgiving yet equally delicious circular centerpiece. While summer’s bounty of berries and stone-fruit make sweet pies spectacular, hearty winter vegetables in a flaky crust make a comforting savory meal that disappears just as fast. Try it with root vegetables, greens, or any other vegetable hiding in the fridge. Then just fold, bake, and delight in the uneven edges of your all-in-one winter meal. This recipe has been...

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Beer Dinner at Bathtub Row Brewing Co-op with Pig + Fig

photos by Stephanie Cameron For those hesitant to venture outside the Albuquerque-Santa Fe bubble, wait no more. Tucked away in a strip mall not two miles away from the legendary Los Alamos National Labs is a pint of beer to rival your favorite local craft brewery. Bathtub Row Brewing Co-op., Los Alamos’ first craft brewery, partnered with Laura Hamilton of Pig + Fig to design a specially tailored menu for their monthly beer dinner. Last weekend the edible team trekked to snowy Los Alamos for their “winter wonderland”-themed January Food and Beer Pairing at the Bathtub Row Brewing Co-op....

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Soba Noodle Bowl

It’s that phase of the winter. Soups and stews are in full throttle, making dinners a parade of muddy concoctions with nary a fresh vegetable in sight. If you’re longing for a bit of color with your comfort food, the Japanese, as always, have the solution. Their answer to New Years food revolves around the soba noodle, a thin pasta made out of buckwheat and rich in fiber and protein. Traditionally, the Japanese will eat soba noodle soup called toshikoshi, which literally means “year-passing”. Soba noodles have historically symbolized good fortune. And fortunately for your New Years diet, buckwheat...

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Prosum Roasters: Coffee with Cindy

photos provided by Cindy Moffitt and Sophie Putka Cindy Moffitt, owner of Prosum Roasters, never thought she would find the path to her new career through her high school prom date. But find it she did, in a chance encounter online while buying coffee beans. A few years ago, Moffitt was working for Hewlett-Packard as a financial analyst. She felt unfulfilled in her career. But as an avid home coffee roaster, Moffitt would scour the Internet for green coffee beans enthusiastically. One day she stumbled across a buyer with a strangely familiar nose—he was the same Matt Fury she...

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Festival of Lights in the Land of Enchantment: Chanukah Foods

Being Jewish in Albuquerque, New Mexico is the closest I will ever come to being a unicorn. In a state where almost a third of the entire population identifies as Catholic, I am often met with excited interest upon identifying myself. Sometimes, I’m the first Jewish person someone has ever met. “So, do you go to Jewish… church?” (No.) “Do you celebrate Christmas?” (Of course. It’s the best!) And as a cultural Jew in a sea of Santos, Marias and Chile-ristra crosses, I feel more encouraged to share my heritage than I did before moving here. Here in the...

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