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Author: Edible Santa Fe

The Fig Whisperer

Kreitzer, otherwise known as the Fig-Man of Albuquerque, propagates fig trees. He assists them with the gift of life and renewal. In exchange, the figs share with Kreitzer their sweet fruit and wisdom of the ages. “What do figs want to teach me? They see life as an adventure. There are two possibilities: life and death. They are interested in accommodating. The fig teaches generosity and patience and wants to make people feel good.”

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A Garden Grows in La Cienega

La Cienega, 15 miles south of Santa Fe, is populated by a mix of multigeneration residents and recent migrants who come together periodically to defend our historic zoning and collaborate on shaping the future of the community. ‘Use it or lose it’ was a phrase we’d heard in regard to our water rights, which we defended over the years as development moved south. The community garden was an opportunity to walk our talk.

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Artemisia makes a business of wild-crafting herbs in DixonBy Wolf Schneider I stockpile the Lavender Honey from Artemisia Herbs like a squirrel stashes nuts in winter. Folk wisdom says consuming locally grown honey helps ward...

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