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Food Fight

Looking for some deep and interesting reading on food security? SEED Magazine, a publication that explores the ways in which science is changing our world, is hosting a series of debates. The question is this–“Is organic farming an elitist fetish that hampers efforts to stanch global hunger? Or is it the kind of holistic approach we’ll need to produce food on a circumscribed planet? Seed kicks off an Oxford-style debate on global food security and what we mean by “scientific farming.” “In an effort to make sense of conflicting information, and to get beyond the tit-for-tat towards meaningful dialogue, Seed has invited Dr. Paarlberg to participate in an Oxford-style debate with Dr. M. Jahi Chappell, a co-author on the Badgely paper that supported an important role for organic agriculture in contributing to the global food supply.”...

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Notes from the Agriculture Collaborative

Eating Well (and Local) to Age Well The Center for Ageless Living in Los Lunas has a motto that you have to “eat well to age well.” This view is reflected in the Center’s local food related programs, including a community garden and a local food access program for homebound seniors. To learn more about their programs, we interviewed the Center’s Director Suzzette Lindemuth. Tell us a little about the Center for Ageless Living? The Center for Ageless Living is a six acre campus whose main mission is to reduce the isolation of aging by providing programs, services and therapies that help support aging gracefully.       How does eating fresh and local fit into the mission of the Center, and how has it benefited the elderly in the program, as well as the greater community? We believe that you have to “eat well to age well.” The quality of the food that we eat is essential to maintaining good health and aging gracefully. Food is also such a big part of our social heritage and our connection to our community. There is much research on nutrition and aging and we are fortunate that we live in a county that is rooted in agriculture and quality local foods. Although research is not a mission of the Center I do believe that our elders have less minor illnesses (colds, flu, etc.), recover quicker from illnesses, generally live longer as a...

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Quick-Braised Asparagus with a Dijon, White Wine, and Fresh Thyme Pan Sauce

Quick-Braised Asparagus with a Dijon, White Wine, and Fresh Thyme Pan Sauce Recipe by Susie Middleton I won’t fool you; these asparagus look a bit rustic. But the browning in this recipe pays off with deep flavor. The glazy pan sauce cloaks the asparagus in even more flavor, and this is one tasty dish. It’s a quick one, too—easy to do in less than 30 minutes. Serve it with pork tenderloin and couscous on a weeknight or sear-roasted pork loin and a grain pilaf on a weekend. This method works best with asparagus that are of equal thickness—medium or just slightly larger than medium. “Pencils” will overcook. You can do this with jumbos, as long as the most of the woody stem is cut off and you add on an extra minute of browning. Whether the asparagus is medium or thick, just be sure that the pan is not overcrowded so that each piece can make contact with the pan surface for browning. For this one, you’ll definitely want your tongs handy for flipping the asparagus over. Also, cover the pan as soon as you pour in the little bit of liquid; it reduces quickly, and it’s the steam—captured by the lid—that finishes cooking the asparagus.   1/4 C. /60 ml low-sodium chicken broth 2 T. dry white wine, such as Sauvignon Blanc 1 T. extra-virgin olive oil 1...

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Biodynamic Wine Tasting

BIODYNAMIC WINE TASTING WITH CERTIFIED SOMMELIER GREG O’BYRNE& ERIN WADE at VINAIGRETTE SALAD BISTRO AND WINE BARA Tasting of Biodynamic Wines with Food Pairings On Sunday May 23 – 3:00 pm to 5 pm709 Don Cubero Alley, Santa Fe (just off of Cerrillos Road)Tickets are limited to 50$35 for current Slow Food members$40 for non-members Buy tickets at http://slowfoodsantafe.eventbrite.com/ Three Brick House Oregon wines — Chardonnay, Gamay Noir and Pinot Noir — will be served in pairs with Villaine Burgundy wines from the same grapes. A Certified Master Sommelier, O’Byrne has visited the Brick House vineyards numerous times and is intimate with Doug and Mellissa’s growing practices. With each pair of wines, a signature Vinaigrette Salad Bistro dish will be served using produce from Erin Wade’s Nambe farm and the farmer’s market will echo the pure and natural flavors of the wines. Wanna help out at the Biodynamic Wine Tasting?We need 5 volunteers to help out.If this is something you would like to do, please contactRandy Forrester, at randyf138@aol.com SEE YOU...

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Free Backyard Farming Workshop: Productive & Healthy Gardens

Topics will include:    •    Productive Gardens: Planning, Plant Selection, Spacing, and Micro- Environments    •    Local Foods Lunch Forum    •    Healthy Gardens: Holistic Management of Herbs, Plants, Weeds and Pests Where: Gutierrez-Hubbell House located at 6029 Isleta Blvd, 3 miles south of Rio Bravo Blvd When: Registration starts at 9:30am and the sessions go from 10:00am-4:00pm The workshops are free, however space is limited and participants must RSVP in advance. To RSVP, contact Valerie at vhermanson@bernco.gov or 505-314-0398. For more information, please visit www.bernco.gov/openspace These workshop are organized with assistance from Sunstone Herbs, vist them at www.sunstoneherbs.com The Local Lunch Forum is organized through the South Valley Economic Development Center, visit them at [http://www.svedc.org:www.svedc.org] When: Saturday May...

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