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Author: Edible Santa Fe

edible southwest nation

Farming Chimayó Chile: Cultivating Faithstory and photos by Gigi Ragland Two types of pilgrims travel along the winding and scenic “High Road” into the picturesque Chimayó. Both are in search of the divine. They seek what one...

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Piri Piri

From Chicken on the Grill, Wm. Morrow Cookbooks A Portuguese slice of heaven, piri piri is sublimely spicy chicken. The name derives from the fiery African dried red chile traditionally used in the piquant sauce that bathes the...

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High Plains Buffalo Steak

From Born to Grill, Harvard Common Press Grilled Tomato Vinaigrette 1 pound small tomatoes, preferably Italianplum½ C. olive oil2 T. red wine vinegar2 t. molasses1 plump garlic clove1 t. ground cumin1 t. kosher salt or other...

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Tequila Mojitos

From The Big Book of Outdoor Cooking and Entertaining, Wm. Morrow Cookbooks What to do, what to do—with all that mint?? Mojitos migrated north to the U.S. in recent years as a tropical rum drink. For a different riff on the...

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