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French 24

It’s finally starting to feel like spring in New Mexico. The days are getting longer, there are butterflies floating through the air and plants are growing their first buds. With that comes an onslaught of allergies and the question “Should it be this warm in March?” Either way, we’re excited that cold winter days are almost done and that spring will soon be in full swing. To celebrate, we’re taking a classic and giving it our own twist. The French 75 is a classic cocktail made from cognac or gin, lemon and sugar. We’ve crafted our own based on...

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Crispy Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Sieved Egg

Gone are the days when Brussels sprouts served as the obligatory “vegetable” component of dinner, presenting as soggy gray masses that had to be choked down hurriedly to enjoy the rest of the meal. Brussels have found a new moment in the spotlight recently – shredded for crispy texture, roasted, or combined with punchy and surprising ingredients. Chock full of nutrients, Brussels sprouts are actually baby cabbages, and have long been favored in Northern Europe. Their bad reputation most likely comes from a sulfuric organic compound that is released when the buds are overcooked, yielding a strong and unpleasant...

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Hotel Dublin

It’s officially St. Patrick’s Day and for many of us, this means a day of celebrating. Some wear a hint of green while others are fully clad in the color. You might even see some go as far as wearing green wigs or full on leprechaun outfits (you know who you are). Wherever you fall on the spectrum, St. Patrick’s Day is a cause for celebration and we’ll be doing just that today. There’s no reason not to have an Irish Coffee or a Guinness to enjoy the day and celebrate with friends. You might even have a green...

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The Coffee Revolution Comes Home

The way that we drink coffee has been rapidly changing over the past few years. Coffee has been going through a renaissance as new and different ways of consuming this favorite drink have continued to develop. Cold-brew and pour-over coffee, along with matcha lattes and other various flavors have been changing the coffee drinking game. New Mexico is at the forefront of this renaissance as roasters and coffee shops continue to pop-up, adding their own twists to coffee consumption. Jakub Svec, of Santa Fe, is helping bring the coffee revolution into peoples homes and making pour-over coffee accessible to...

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From the Source

Farm and Table Keeps it Fresh photos by Stephanie Cameron Top: Breakfast tacos with carne adovada, mashed potatoes, and farm eggs. Bottom left: Carrie Eagle and Tracy Johnson. Bottom right: Trio of ice creams—Burqueño Road ice cream, blueberry sorbet, and butter pecan. On any given weekend morning, you will find the dining room and patio at Albuquerque’s Farm & Table seated to capacity. Flaky biscuits smothered in green chile sausage gravy are set next to platters of freshly baked sticky buns and heavenly clouds of brioche French toast and whipped cream. Guests sip mimosas while gazing out onto the...

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